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Alpine research optics Precision Optics


Optical polarizer filters

These unique filters combine the properties of high-performance polarizers and bandpass filters. The presented patented optical elements have the properties of a linear polarizer with an extinction ratio of 1,000,000: 1. In addition to the characteristics of a bandpass filter (high transmittance and a steep front of the passband), they have the properties of laser filters (suppression of noise and unnecessary polarization components) and allow you to block all extraneous wavelengths, passing only the spectral line of the laser.ARO optical polarizer filters are excellent for a wide range of laser laboratory experiments, including holography and interferometry, as well as fluorescence analysis, for imaging systems based on second harmonic generation, laser processing of materials, laser intensity control, ranging, and communication systems.Alpine research optics Precision Optics

Precision Optics

Superpolated substrates or mirrors are required for some demanding applications, such as DUV (deep ultraviolet) lasers, ultra-high power lasers, and ring laser gyroscopes. Alpine Research Optics offers superpopulated mirrors or substrates with very high flatness, roughness, and surface quality, various substrate materials are available for customer selection.Mirrors are one of the most important components of laser systems. ARO offers a variety of laser mirrors and Precision Optics that include: HR rear mirrors and PR-exit communication mirrors used in laser resonators, AOI 45 degrees HR mirrors, and HR multi-wave mirrors (MWHR mirrors) used in light-guiding systems and scanning mirrors

Alpine research optics

Optical lenses are optical components designed for focusing and diverging light. Optical lenses, which can consist of one or more elements, are used in a variety of applications from microscopy to laser processing. Many industries use optical lenses, including life sciences, images, industry, or defense. When light passes through the lens, it is affected by the profile of the lens or substrate. Alpine research optics offers a wide range of optical lenses in various versions of substrates or coatings. Substrates include optical glasses, fused quartz, plastic, and IR material. Shapes include spherical singlet, doublet, triplet, (half) balls, domes, in addition to cylindrical or aspheric lenses.


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